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Galebreaker VentTubes provide plenty of fresh, draught-free, equally dispersed air at animal level to remove moisture, gases, airborne pathogens and/or excess heat.

  1. General Details

    VentTubes – Positive Pressure Tube Ventilation

    A breath of fresh air for livestock buildings

    In modern agriculture the farmer needs to constantly balance optimisation of investments, sustainability and animal welfare.

    Livestock housing plays a prominent role in animal welfare and for that reason Galebreaker is constantly innovating and developing its ventilation products to help the farmer to improve the environment within livestock buildings and so maintain a healthy herd. Optimising ventilation and air exchange within livestock buildings is of the utmost importance.

    Methods of Ventilating Cattle Buildings

    Air exchange and ventilation can be improved by using one or a combination of the following methods:

    1. Natural ventilation – using side wall inlets in combination with a roof outlet.
    2. Mechanical ventilation – using fans to create air movements around the animals.

    However for the most vulnerable group of animals, i.e. calves, it can be a challenge to provide enough constant airflow using natural and/or mechanical negative ventilation methods alone. For calves we need additional ventilation in the building to achieve optimum year-round housing conditions. To help us to do that we have introduced the Galebreaker VentTube system.

    VentTubes Brochure

  2. In association with Vetvice

    Galebreaker VentTubes in association with Vetvice

    As an independent enterprise, Vetvice delivers practical and reliable information on dairy cow housing and husbandry to dairy farmers, their advisers and to suppliers all over the world. The aim of Vetvice is to maximize the health and welfare of animals and humans alike while guaranteeing the cost-effective production of top quality food products. Vetvice is also well known for their ‘CowSignals’ training programs and barn design service.

    Vetvice use their expertise to size and specify each individual VentTube system. Galebreaker manufacture the systems in their purpose-built factory in the UK and offer a full installation service.

    Galebreaker Agri have more than 30 years’ experience in the manufacture and installation of ventilation, weather protection and access solutions for farm buildings and the range includes the VentTube system.

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