Sila-Cover® 300 Silage Covers

Tough silage protection for maize & grass silage. Silage sheets and bags.

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  tough protection for maize & grass silage

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Sila-Cover 300 silage covers provide protection for grass and maize silage from from birds, rodents and other animals. Sila-Cover 300 silage covers also help provide top quality silage.

To maximise the efficiency of your silage system it is essential that the anaerobic fermentation process (which creates good quality silage) is not hindered by the presence of air. With oxygen present the fermentation process is slowed. This leads to dry matter losses and results in a poorer quality of silage.

Even small holes in the plastic sheet (such as those created by birds) can allow sufficient oxygen into the clamp to spoil significant amounts of silage. It is essential that your plastic sheet is protected from puncture and that the edges are sealed so that air stays out.

If there is air in your clamp fermentation will be hindered. Filling the clamp rapidly, securing it with your plastic sheet, and then covering it with Sila-Cover 300 will ensure that fermentation is fast and efficient as well as your clamp being well protected.

Sila-Cover 300 silage protection sheets and gravel bags offer the ideal solution. These secure covers protect the plastic sheet from puncture, help seal the edges of the clamp, stop the wind from lifting the plastic sheet and help compaction.

  • Heavy duty 300g/m2 silage cover
  • Woven polyethylene with hemmed edges
  • Easy handling, saving time
  • Reduces spoilage and improves compaction
  • Protects polythene under-sheet
  • Bag fixing loops as standard
  • Full protection against birds and mammals

FREE SILA-BAGS with every cover ordered.

  1. Silage Sheets

    Silage Sheets

    Galebreaker’s silage sheets are made from extremely strong 300g/m2 woven polyethylene material. The edges are hemmed and the sheets have bag-fixing loops woven in to the fabric ready to easily accept the hooks for Galebreaker’s silage bags.

    The material is closely woven and very strong (it has approximately twice the breaking strength of knitted HDPE of the same weight). It is also very flexible and moulds well to the silage. The close weave and toughness properties prevent birds and rodents from being able to peck or scratch through the sheet to get to and spoil areas of the protected the silage . . . Sila-Cover 300 material is tough.

    We are so confident in the strength and durability of Sila-Cover that we offer a 10 year guarantee, not just a UV guarantee, but a full guarantee.

    Sila-Cover Sheet Sizes12 m x 10 m12 m x 15 m20 m x 10 m25 m x 12 m16 m x 5 m

  2. Silage Bags

    Silage Bags

    Galebreaker’s silage bags are made from the same super-strong woven polyethylene material as the silage sheets. The bags hook onto the sheet. There are loops along the side of the bags, loops at the tail end of each bag and loops built in to the silage cover sheet. The bags are supplied with hooks and it’s a very simple process to hook the bag to the sheet or to hook one bag to another.

    Each bag should be two thirds filled with rounded-off pea gravel (gravel not supplied). Sila-bags should be placed all around the edges, across joins and at intervals across the width of the clamp. Once fixed, Galebreaker’s gravel bags stay put. Even in high winds and on steeply sloping sections the bags hold their position. There is no reason to return to the clamp to re-position them.

    With the bags correctly fitted onto a Sila-Cover 300 sheet even very strong winds will not move the bags or lift the sheet. The all-important seal is maintained.

    No more rat infested tyres! No more dirty water spreading over the silage clamp and no more sharp wire to cut your hands on!

  1. Sila-Cover® 300 Material

    Sila-Cover® 300 Material

    • Less damage from birds and rodents
    • Far better than knitted HDPE at keeping out air and water

    When we evaluated which textile to use for our Sila-Cover 300 range we did our own in-house trials on the materials that we shortlisted. In the strength test the 300g/m2 woven polyethylene material we eventually chose had more than twice the strength of the knitted product of the same weight.

    The woven material also presents a far superior barrier to persistant beaks and sharp claws! The superior strength and toughness of the material means that sharp and blunt objects don’t damage the material.

    On-clamp tests showed that the flexibility of the Sila-Cover 300 material, with its hemmed non-frey edges, makes it quick and easy to install. It stays put in heavy weather, does not lift in windy conditions and moulds well to the protected silage (as can be seen from the picture below).

    Into the weave of our Sila-Cover 300 material we have included bag fixing loops which makes the fitting and positioning of our gravel bags quick and convenient.

  1. Case Studies & Testimonials

    Sila-Cover® 300 Chosen to Protect Biomass

    Ditton Farm, a large mixed arable enterprise in South Herefordshire has recently taken delivery of a 500kW anaerobic digester with installation due to be completed this year. The AD will be fed with renewable energy crops (mainly maize and other supplements) which have all been grown on-farm.

    Three new silage pits have been built, each with a capacity of 1200 tonnes. These were filled with maize crop last October and covered with a single plastic under-sheet and Galebreaker Sila-Cover 300 sheets on top.

    Mark Green, the owner of the farm and AD plant explained that producing good quality inputs for the process was paramount.

    “Good quality silage is fundamental to the success of the AD facility. Just like any livestock farmer we need to get the crop into the clamp, get good compaction, and get the clamp covered and sealed as fast as we can”.

    After comparing silage cover products on the market, Mark chose Galebreaker’s Sila-Cover 300 covers and bags.

    “I wanted the best protection system available, and to me that was a tough closely woven product that properly protected the plastic under-sheet from birds and vermin as well as helping to keep the air tight seal. Our clamps are also quite exposed and the covers had to keep everything in place”.

    Sila-Cover 300 has built-in loops and hooks to which silage bags can be fixed. The bags can then be arranged around the edges of the clamps and where the sheets join. Ditton Farm bought twelve 20m x 10m silage sheets and 750 gravel bags. Mark used a conveyor system to fill the bags about two-thirds full with rounded pea gravel.

    “These bags really stay put, even on the sloping faces” says Mark. “We brought the silage in last October and put the covers on. It’s now the end of February and after the worst winter storms in history, the covers and bags haven’t moved an inch”.

    Goodbye to Black Plastic & Tyres

    Based near Leominster in Herefordshire, Richard Thomas runs a 300 acre mixed arable and livestock farm with his father and mother. They farm 340 Welsh Mule, Suffolk cross and Texel cross ewes, and 180 Hereford cattle.

    The farm currently grows 50 acres of grass silage and 17 acres of maize silage. The silage is mixed and is fed to the cattle with straw added to help bulk out the ration. After years of using tyres and a traditional black plastic sheet, Mr Thomas opted for two Galebreaker Sila-Cover 300 protection sheets, in the 20x10m size and Sila Bags to hold the sheets in place while on the clamp.

    “I was not only impressed by the weight and quality of the product, but the time it took to sheet and cover our pit has been reduced from four hours, to one hour. We tested the DM content this year and it was 35% which is up by 3% on last year’s result. The added weight of the sheet together with gravel bags helps to seal the clamp, compact the grass and speed up fermentation. This in turn reduces spoilage”.

    With no tyres on the clamp Mr Thomas also commented that the normal environment for rats is not present this year as there is no stagnant water or effluent on top of, or around the clamp.

    Sila-Cover working in South Wales

    “When I no longer had enough tyres to cover the whole pit I made do by spreading tyres far too thinly and this resulted in poorer quality silage and far more waste. It was clear I needed a new system. My main requirement was the ability to cover near vertical faces as I have no walls and just make a mushroom/field clamp. This meant that whichever product I chose needed a means of holding the bags in place or they would just slip down.

    After comparing a number of products it was clear that Sila-Cover not only offered the best price but was the only system that would suit me. Sila-hooks mean that I can make a face as steep as I like safe in the knowledge that all that I need to do is hook the gravel bags on and they will stay there until I come to take them off.

    Sila-Cover has helped me see a dramatic reduction in waste from a moderate amount to zero waste.

    Buying Sila-Cover has been the best investment I have made.”

    Marcus Ferraro

    Sila-Cover in use Over a Bale Stack

    Mark Downing “We are very impressed with the cover. We’ve used thinner net covers in the past but they only last a couple of years.  There is no need to use tyres under the Galebreaker cover due to its thick, durable material. The hooks and gravel bags are a good way of keeping it in place even in our windy location.“

    MH Poskitt – Yorkshire

    Award winning family owned farming business MH Poskitt, who specialise in growing root vegetable crops for leading supermarkets, purchased ten Galebreaker Sila-Cover 300 silage sheets for their maize and grass silage pits (six 25m x 12m and four 16m x 5m). The silage produced together with waste from their vegetable pack house is fed to their new 250kw anaerobic digester. James Bramley, Vegetable Farm Manager, told Galebreaker “The sheets were quick and easy to fit. Galebreaker worked with me to ensure we planned the most cost effective way to cover our pits. I found them to be very efficient from my initial enquiry through to the delivery of the sheets”. Based in the East Riding of Yorkshire MH Poskitt grow, wash, pack and distribute all their products from one site thus enabling them to control all aspects of production.

    Cecil Shirt – Derbyshire

    Cecil Shirt milks approximately 500 cows across his two farms in Buxton, Derbyshire. Mr Shirt purchased eleven 12m x 15m Sila-Cover 300 silage sheets for his silage pits. Galebreaker supplied the sheets with free silage bags. “It was a pleasure to sheet up with the new system. There was no mess or water which we used to get when using tyres, and the quality of the silage was good, with very little wastage. I found the staff at Galebreaker friendly and helpful -– a top class service.” Mr Shirt told Galebreaker he was especially pleased with the yellow hooks provided to hook the silage bags securely in place. There are loops along the side of the bags, loops at the tail end of each bag and loops built in to the silage cover sheet. The bags are supplied with hooks and it’s a very simple process to hook the bag to the sheet or to hook one bag to another.

Technical Information

Sila-Cover Sheet Sizes12 m x 10 m12 m x 15 m20 m x 10 m25 m x 12 m16 m x 5 m

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